Tuesday, September 9, 2008


(day 253)

Sorry for slackin' on the posts the last week or so... I had a nasty flu/cold bug and it seemed to last forever.... but I got rid of it over the weekend. Finally starting to pick up the camera for pure enjoyment again. ;)

We were outside this afternoon enjoying the stormy weather rolling in and Scarlett got her first scraped knee. She's fallen many times, but never drawn blood. She was so proud of her "meemo" (aka nemo) bandaid and showed everyone. :)

I know... sweet car with the hood up in the background of the first shot. ;)

Didn't get a whole lot out there before it started raining and we were forced inside. I'm enjoying the cooler weather though!

Had to share Scarlett's cute pink nails that I painted on Saturday. Don't worry, I took it off about 5 minutes later (she puts her hands in her mouth too much still at this age). I'm just happy that she'll sit still and let me do it!! Yay! :)
I'm playing with my 70-200 2.8L a little more after a photographer that I truly admire sang it's praises this weekend at our family picture session. What she said made so much sense to me that I'll be poppin' this monster on my camera more often! :) Hoping to be able to share some shots she took of my little family soon!


Anonymous said...

Love the pink nails!

Would you mind sharing what she shared with you about the camera lens??



Tracey said...

i am going to get that lens...some year!!! i can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Meghan said...

Bonnie - mostly just using the full length of the lens (200mm) to make your photograph look more like a painting (with everything sort of brought forward and squished) with the DOF that it provides. Seriously simple, but you can see how that would really effect the look of an image when shooting in an orchard for example. The cherry orchard is what Nichole is known for alot too and she says she uses this focal length everytime.