Friday, August 15, 2008

Snapshot: Scarlett at 16 mos, 5 days

(day 228)

Scarlett loves to put on shoes... any shoes. Even my heels and she walks pretty darn good in them. She is known to scream if she can't get the shoe on or off by herself. It's an early obsession that probably will stick. The shoes, not the screaming... I hope. If she has something she's not supposed to, she'll run away from you with it.

She loves to jump and is so cute trying to do it, even if her little feet never leave the floor. She loves to read "Clifford" and points and squeals at every picture with the big red dog in it. She loves to dance and spin until she falls over dizzy. She love to swing and slide... and she goes down the big slide in our playroom all by herself.

She's a climber... I can't keep her off the kitchen table for the life of me. She is a tough girl and falls all the time doing something crazy, but doesn't care and does it again. She can hang on anything with her two little arms... she's a monkey. (as I type, she is climbing up the drawers of my desk)

She loves her binky... a habit I hope to lessen soon. She loves her blankie and her bear too and they MUST come with her out of her crib in the morning or she gets upset. I can't leave a box of wetwipes down in her reach or they are all over the place. She loves to play in Dad's sink in the master bath and if I can't find her, I look there first. She eats as much as Kanyon, if not more.

She has a little "happy dance" that she does when she asks for something and she's waiting to get it. It's mostly just stomping/dancing and giggling. When she does something wrong, I tell her to say sorry and she'll go over to the person and kiss them. When she gives kisses, it used to be her just offering her head for you to kiss but now she actually aims for the face somewhere. If she connects, you get a sloppy, wet one.

She talks way more than I could have ever dreamed that Kanyon would at this age. Here are a few words/phrases she says:


go side (go outside)

go ark (go to the park)

stink (when poopy)


all gone!

that! (pointing with her little finger)

nack (snack)
oooo hot!
ungry (accompanied by pulling at the fridge or the pantry)
bee (this is what any type of bug is called)

She has perfected the "scowl"... and that isn't a recent development. She screams this ear-piercing scream and I try to avoid enclosed places with her when she's doing it. She just wants to be with Kanyon and follows him all over the house, even if he doesn't want her there. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and be told she's pretty. We call her bracelets that she wears her "pretties" and she loves to wear them. That is about the only accessory she'll leave on longer than to look at in the mirror and then rip off.

Here she and Kanyon were playing this morning on the kitchen table:

Yes, shame on me for trying to get a decent picture without a binky... *roll eyes*
And, much happier...
Blurry, yes, but she wouldn't hold still with this hat on!
Showing off her dance moves on the table.
(ingnore my watermark playing...)

And my "sweet" kid sharing his frustrations about his sister with me. Seconds after this pic, he pounded that balled up fist onto the table. I'm really not even sure what she did. ;)
Tomorrow I'll have a post like this for Kanyon.


Mical said...

What a cute post. She is definatley your "spicey" girl. Kudos Grandma. She does say alot. Cole now says Daddy(with the appropriat reference) uh-oh and all done. Pretty typical 1st words. :)

Jill said...

I LOVE it ...... shes is SUCH a ham, you DEF have your hands full.

K is SO cute to with his 'determined' look ;)

melissa said...

what a sweet post! scarlett and kanyon are two of the cutest kids around.

i think jackson and scarlett are a lot alike actually, fiery and monkeyish, lol! oh, jackson LOVES his binky and blankie, too.

Jonda, Jason and Jack said...

What a gorgeous girl she is! Such a personality!!!

Lisa B said...

Sweet girl!