Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Drive

(day 209)

Sunday afternoons after the kids wake up from naps, we're usually itching to get out of the house. Today we decided to head up Nebo Loop and see if we could find Payson Lakes because neither of us had ever been there. We got up there just in time for some rain to start (should have checked the weather) but did get out so the kids could throw some rocks in and play with some sticks before it got worse. They didn't want to go, but we decided we'd have to come back when we could let them swim and play longer.

I think I found a great spot for pictures too... it's beautiful there. And I didn't even really have time to explore.

Tonight, Kanyon's sheets weren't dry to put back on his bed on the bottom bunk, so we decided to let him sleep up top. He was like a kid on Christmas morning being all giddy and excited through prayers and the bedtime routine. It took a bit longer than usual for him to fall asleep. We just hope he doesn't wake up in the middle of the night and forget that he's up there! We made him practice going up and down though, so hopefully he's good. He's getting so big!

Kanyon's birthday party was on Saturday, so I'll be getting some pictures up soon from that. It was fun!


Jonda, Jason and Jack said...

Oh wow! What a big boy up there on the top bunk!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous scenery! (**mental note to self - have to visit UTAH again **)

What a big, brave boy you have.