Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scott and Lisa's Family

I had the opportunity to take some pictures while in Chicago of Steve's brother, Scott, and his family. Let's just say that it was hot and these little ones did pretty good considering they were waiting on me for a bit! They looked so cute, I wish I could have gotten some individuals of the kiddos.

This place (Cantigny) was really beautiful... just a few of the shots I got.

This is one good-looking family!!


Anonymous said...

Once again you out did yourself. Can you make me look 10 pounds lighter......:)
Thanks again.
We'll talk soon.

Babata said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Lisa B said...

Beautiful. Can't pick a favorite!

Lillian said...

Those pictures are beautiful. You really are talented. It looks like you had a fun trip with your husband's family. Tell me, how do you like Chicago? My husband and I occasionally talk about it as a place to move someday, but I'm just not sure about it...