Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kanyon's hair cut

(day 155)

I think I must not be able to convey what I want when I go in to get Kanyon's hair cut... everytime it seems to be a disaster. Only once did it turn out how I liked. So, we went in yesterday to get a hair cut and basically ended up with a buzz which is not what I was wanting! It's never been shorter. Oh well, I don't have to comb it now, I guess. :P
He's checking out a little bug on the ground in the above picture and when it took flight, screamed like a girl. ;) Wish I would have captured that! haha
And a few of Scarlett... just playing outside.

She was really upset at the tricycle... this happens daily. :P

And my not-so-patient children waiting on me to walk them to the park.
Dad has strep throat so we're trying to stay far, far away!!


allison said...

Boys haircuts are the WORST! Its always so nerve wracking! He looks cute with a buzz cut though. :)

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

I like his haircut as well! Really! :)

Erinn said...

Have you ever tried cutting his hair yourself? After Abby's first DISASTER of a haircut I just decided I'd take control! :) It's worked thus far. He does still look cute though!

I hope Steve gets feeling better soon! Strep is no fun at all!!