Sunday, June 29, 2008

Goin' Boatin' ...

(day 180)

That's what Kanyon was talking about all morning long as I was busy cleaning the boat up yesterday. He was so excited to go that he almost wasn't himself with some major tantrums and other typical 2 (almost 3) year old behavior. It was pure torture for him having to wait until after his nap to go, but he survived and had a ball.

We invited my parents and 2 of my brothers to come along. My youngest bro, Trent, had never been on a boat in his life... can you believe it?? I was shocked! Here he is on the tube for the first time.
Steve and I took turns on the ski, which doesn't happen unless we go with other people because of the 2 kids, so that was fun but we're both really sore today. Everyone took a turn on the tube, and Kanyon even thought he was brave enough to go alone... and then changed his mind quickly after. ;)
Scarlett wanted to go on the tube with me, but when we got clear out there behind the boat she was just whimpering the whole time, so we cut it short. I was shocked, but we even got my mom and dad out there on the tube for a turn!
Scarlett hung with Grandma a lot of the time... and she did fabulous in her life jacket this time which was SO nice.

Kanyon hanging out at the back of the boat while Uncle Troy went for a spin. He felt so important getting to pull those that went on the tube back in after they were done. I think he'd live on this boat if we'd let him.
Scarlett spend some QT with Uncle Troy and even dozed a little in the sun while I got a turn on the slolem ski. She's my little sun baby.
It was a good time and the kids slept like rocks after a fun filled afternoon.


Mical said...

FUN! Can't wait for our turn in a couple days :)

Jill said...

how FUN !!!! we were out in Hurrican Katrina the other day, NOT so fun .... LOL

Glad you & Steve had some fun too ;)