Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Boating Day of the Season

We did end up taking the boat out yesterday evening and had a great time. We weren't sure what to expect with Scarlett and the life jacket because she is at that age where a fit is usually thrown. But, she did pretty good and we just have to make her always wear it and eventually she won't even fuss about it (at least that's what I keep telling myself!!). ;) Kanyon had a ball, but was a little unsure about a few things at first. In no time I think we'll get him back on the tube rides and all. Scarlett had no fear, as usual... she just wanted to stand in the front of the boat the entire time and point at everything of interest.

Scarlett loved dipping her toes in the water... I think she would have done it all day if Dad were willing. :)

It was pretty darn cold in the water, but Steve decided to jump in anyway!

Then he saw something we hadn't seen before and immediately wanted to know what it was or get one. I googled it when we got home and there is NO way we'll get one. Everything I read was how dangerous they are and how many terrible accidents have happened with them. Apparently they are called Wego Kites. You know what happens to a kite when it catches the wind wrong... it spirals straight to the ground. Enough said.

As close of a crop on that above picture as I could get so you can see it better.

A family picture! The self timer is how I get these pics these days! :)
It was fun! I think we'll be taking it out a lot more this summer... the kids are at much easier ages than last year. :)


Tracey said...

Love the color in these! it's good to see you! I've been missing you!

Jill said...

how FUN !!!! LOOK at that sky, Steve is SUCH a dare devil huh ?? Looks like Scarlett is following in his foot steps.

glad you all got out, looks like FUN

allison said...

You rocked exposure in these girl.

I'm jealous of your boat (among other things). It looks like so much fun!

Lisa B said...

Pretty, pretty blues!