Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Out pullin' weeds...

(day 149)

Blech. One job that I just hate. I always thought that once I had my own yard that maybe it wouldn't be so bad... but it's not. It's still just as bad. It ended up being okay though because the kids loved helping and just playing outside, it was nice and warm with just enough breeze to keep us cool. :)

Sorry, no pics of me weeding! ;) Or of the kids helping! You'll just have to take my word for it!

Notice the bracelet on Scarlett in the above pictures... I thought I'd give them a try again because it's been a while since she's worn them and the last time I tried she cried and pulled at it wanting it off. Today, she did that same thing for a few minutes and then forgot about it. I was so happy! Because of the lack of hair and her willingness to wear bows anymore these days, I'm happy to find something extra that helps show her femininity! ;) I get asked all too often if she's a "he". :P
Kanyon playing with his "tool"... a tape measure. He was measuring the trees and everything he could find outside.
Scarlett sitting in the jogging stroller... I think it was a hint, although I pretended not to get it. :P


Jill said...

How FUN !!!! K is SO funny with his imagination & I hear ya on the joggin stroller :}

Jason Young said...

For some reason your kids look a lot older to me in these pics. What cuties!! I think you might have your hands full in a couple years :)


Mical said...

Okay, so I saw the tire...HELLO!?!?! :) I think we got our fill for life of pulling weeds...or maybe that was raking leaves. Mmmm, probably both.

DESTINY said...

Let me know when you are done with the vampire book- I have the Host ready for you! Hopefully you will like both- though neither is Twilight! Cute pics! I can't believe how big scarlett is getting. I think she is beautiful- hair or no hair- she has amazing eyes!

Meghan said...

Mical - hehe, that's just the Accord silly! I'll get pictures to you soon! :D