Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"bored" game

(day 128)

Well, it was rainy and not so much a day to be outside so while Scarlett was napping Kanyon and I played Candyland for the very first time. It still had the shrink wrap on the outside and I think I bought it at least 2 years ago. I was thinking ahead, I guess. ;) He got it pretty well! He just kept forgetting that he couldn't move both of the gingerbread men, that one was mine. :) Other than that, though, he knows his colors well so he was pretty good!

I've already informed him that we can only play a board game when Scarlett is sleeping because she'll trample it. It's kind of nice to have something that just he and I can do together. :)


Mical said...

awww, what a good mom you are! I need to remember to get down on the floor and play with my kids more!

...2 days and bye bye kids and hubbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited???

Selena said...

Ev loves "chutes & Ladders". He could play it all day long. I'm gonna have to get "Candyland". He'll love that! I LOVe these pics! He'll treasure these when he gets older!

Meghan said...

Selena - I'll have to try chutes and ladders, I'm pretty sure I've got that one up in the closet with the shrink wrap on too! :)

Mical - I know! Yippee! :D A peaceful flight out and 2 relaxing days... what more could a busy mom could ask for? ;)