Friday, April 18, 2008

A new photo spot

(day 109)
I found this place while I was out scouting for an upcoming family session and fell in love! Ignore the harsh sun/shadowing... they were taken at about 12:45pm. :P Not the best light!

Those of us that live in Utah and see these mountains on a daily basis, kind of forget how gorgeous they are! Oh and if you want to see Mt. Timpanogos, just turn to the left! :)


Anonymous said...

what a grrgeous green !

allison said...

wow. breathtaking. i'm jealous!

Tracey said...

this is a great location. If i could get my family any where near you, THIS is the spot I would want to use. How cool to see my family, the mountains in the background and God's blue sky...all on a biiiiig canvas with YOUR style,'s art girl. You can't get this at the mall.