Saturday, April 26, 2008

Children's Discovery Museum

(day 117) - a bit of an overload! Sorry, picture quality today was not my focus. :P

This morning we headed up to SLC to see the Sesame Street exhibit before it left the museum. Kanyon has never been more excited when we told him we were going to see Elmo today. Too bad he didn't really get to see Elmo himself because he only comes on Tuesdays, but he had a good time anyway! He claims he's been to Elmo's house now. ;)


He's seen me shop too much... here he is ringing up each item. It was cute.

Just a couple pictures from the rest of the museum.
A cute little house with a kitchen...

The Farm part! Scarlett carried carrots and onions around for a while. The hard part was getting them away from her... she wanted to take them home. ;)
Kanyon was so afraid of this helicopter. He would have been fine if there weren't buttons in the cock pit that when pressed made loud noises like it was about to take off. He even tried to talk Dad and Scarlett out of sitting in it because he was afraid that it was going somewhere. We told him it was "stuck" but that didn't seem to help much. And I totally thought this was going to be the highlight!
I'm trying to talk to him about it, but he wasn't really having it.
As usual, Scarlett couldn't have cared less... nothing phases her, it seems! She's definitely not our "sensitive" one. ;)
So, we get asked all the time how old Scarlett is because she looks like a 9 mo. year old with no hair that walks REALLY good. ;) We always hear, "oh, she's so tiny!" followed by "how old is she?" or "you know, you can order those with hair." Nice, yes, thank you for that. :P


Lisa B said...

Oooooh, so much fun! Kanyon must have loved it. :D

Jill said...
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Jill said...

Looks like FUN ..... I LOVE seeing Kanyons sensitive side, 'K' is SO much like that. S is SOOO stinking cute I cant get over that shes ONE already.