Monday, March 3, 2008

The Park

(day 63)

Ahhh, fresh air today! It was still cold... but bearable and the sun was shining this afternoon, so I took the kiddos to the park. It wasn't as wet as I expected considering the snow that has just melted. Kanyon had so much fun... I have a feeling this will be a daily thing because he was asking to go the moment we got back home. Scarlett was enjoying herself just as much!

Look at all those teeth on my baldy! She really does have hair... my poor girl. It seems to be invisible in all pictures.
Kanyon was talking to his buddy Paityn on my cell phone... gotta invite his peeps to the park. ;)
Something happened here... I think something with the swing hitting him in the head. Not real sure because I was trying to snap a photo. A mother of the year moment. ;) Hey, you've got to document the good and the bad! :P
And little Scarlett just having the time of her life. She's a lover of the swing...
Later, Kanyon helped me mix up some chocolate pie filling... YUM! :)

"Oops, mom... I think I have something on my face."

He loves to help in the kitchen when it involves cleaning off a tasty beater.


Jill said...

Those are ADORABLE ESP the one of K on the phone & the beaters :}

S is just a HAPPY baby :)

Lisa B said...

Yummy! I wanna play at your house.

allison said...

Oh so cute! I know they are just thrilled to have you back home!

Don't you just love when your snapping away, not paying attention, and they get hurt!? Happens to me all the time. Makes me feel *great*!

allison said...

Oh, and I'm glad you were finally able to get the kids outside. Looks like they loved it!

Cristal said...

Love all of these! Your kids are adorable!

Mical said...

mmm, Kanyon, that beater looks awefully good. :)