Saturday, February 2, 2008

Scarlett - 9 mos pictures

(day 33)

Well, still 9 mos but almost 10 now! I got down to business this morning and took them just in time.

Grandmas and Grandpas (greats too!), Aunts and Uncles... you'll be getting a picture in the mail soon. ;) Just have to figure out which one!

I have to laugh at my outfit choice in these next few... is it too obvious that I'm trying to offset my "winter blues" with this crazy bright choice??? :)

I'm happy to say that getting these pictures done wasn't as painful as I was prepared for, seeing as how the V-day shoot went. Although I did have Steve to act like a crazy person and Scarlett responded well. ;)


Cristal said...

I'm loving the texture in number three!

Mical said...

They are all soooo cute!! How are you ever going to decide?!?

Brenley, Bryce & McCoy said...

Too cute! I love the bright colored clothes! And I am so in love with your photography!


Jill said...

O MY GOSH those last 3 ROCK, seriously ROCK !!! but then again those red pants I just LOVE them

Anonymous said...


Meghan said...

Thanks girls! :) I STILL haven't decided... and I know I want one on canvas in her room with her in the petti skirt... decisions, decisions!