Friday, January 11, 2008

New "Desk"

(Day 10 - yes, I missed posting it yesterday, but it was a hectic day. I did take these pictures on the right day, however!)

I got my console table I ordered for the basement in the other day and finally got it up. I'm hanging that mirror that is sitting on top just above it and then I'll get a lamp or something else to go on it. Not sure yet... but this is going to me my desk for the basement when I need one. When I don't need to use it, it'll just double as decorative. :)

(excuse the dirty mirror... it's been sitting on the ground for a while and Scarlett likes to slobber all over it)

Also, just had to share Kanyon being a funny 2 year old. Whenever he has to "go", he'll hide somewhere... like under the kitchen table, in his room, behind the couch... wherever he can find. Well, yesterday, I was sitting at my desk in the kitchen and next thing I know, he's pushing me away and saying that he needs to go under there. ;) I asked him if he wants to sit on the potty and he tells me no. Oh well, I asked, right? I'm sure he didn't appreciate it when I pulled out my camera. :P


Mical said...

I love the desk. Just what I had pictured it to be like. It fits very nicely downstairs.

PS I was curious about your "non-post" yesterday...glad to see one :)

Janice said...

Haha, poor Kanyon - Mommy interrupting his potty break! :) Maybe if you did this all the time, he'd start using the potty just to get away! :D lol

I love the desk - great colour. :)

Jill said...

HOW'D I Miss this post. K has been doing the SAME thing, to the point that I HAVE to LEAVE the room. He says 'other way' AKA get OUT mom. I ask if he wants to go ON the potty & quite firmly he says NOPE.