Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dinosaur Museum

We went to the Dinosaur Museum on Thursday for a fun family activity to do together. Kanyon had a ball and I can see that he will be wanting to return again!

This is the place where the kiddos learn about erosion. There was tons of sand and dinosaurs to build stuff... and then water would run through and they can see how it breaks up the land. Kanyon liked it, but didn't dig on getting his hands all that dirty. ;)

Kanyon wanted to join a lot of the exhibits!
He got to dig for fossils in a big sand pit. He really liked that and didn't want to leave until we told him dinner was next. Looking at dinosaurs makes you hungry, I guess!
My poor Scarlett didn't enjoy it near as much as Kanyon... but here she is happy doing what she does best. :)
Dino Nuggets, cheetos, and even a cool dino cup at dinner was everything Kanyon could have wanted. He was a happy camper!
It was so nice to just do something with our little family... and Steve actually left work early to make it happen! Time off work has been pretty much non-existant since about August, so I was really excited about it. :)

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Mical said...

How fun!! I just know my kids would love that. We will have to hit that up when we come up again...if we have time. We never allow enough time for things like that. I love the one if him trying to climb into the exhibit. So hilarious!!