Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Kanyon had a great day... he saw 2 sets of grandparents, his cousins, his Aunt and Uncles, trick or treated with a good friend and ate more candy than he ever could imagine! Luckily, even with the sugar high, he went right to sleep! ;)

Kanyon, Scarlett, and their cousins Maya and Aliyah.

Heading out... sorry this one is totally blurry. But those peanut M&M's were his first treat of the night and when we got home about an hour and some later, it was the first ones he wanted to eat. ;)

We just knew that walking wouldn't last long, so here we are with the wagon!

Little Kanyon and Paityn walking up to a door... they were a little afraid of the scary setups at some of the houses... and the kids made them a little nervous, but I think they would have gone all night getting that candy!
Poor little Scarlett didn't enjoy her Halloween as much... with 4 shots the day before, cutting her first tooth on Monday and her second one today, she's been a little on the cranky side! ;) **Thanks to Jen for actually spotting those 2 teeth for me! :P I must be the most observant mom in the world!**


Mical said...

Ha ha! That makes me laugh! Lisa is the one who spotted Callies first tooth for me. What is with us??? Looks like you had fun ;-)I love the pic of Kanyon walking alone with his bucket in hand. So cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just stumbled upon your blog and have to say that you are an amazing photographer! Do you mind telling me what kind of camera you use -- just curious!


Meghan said...

AJ - I started with the Canon Rebel XT and only just recently got the Canon 5D for my birthday.
Thank you for the compliment!