Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

A little later in the fall season than we usually do it, so it took a bit longer to find the "perfect" pumpkins, but we did find them on Friday afternoon! Kanyon had so much fun with it this year... he liked to use the "tool" to cut the pumpkin off the vine. Scarlett was just along for the ride... she can pick her pumpkin next year... but she did sit and play with the pumpkins too.

He's searching...
This ones a good seat.
Going after it with the tool! Found a little one for Scarlett!

Now, we just have to carve them! :)


Jill said...

now THATS A pumpkin patch....LOL ours was ghetto Hee hee Hee

Jen Bird said...

You finally made it to the pumpking patch, so jealous!! :) I swear I'm not going to get there before Halloween!! Thanks again for the cookies!! They were so good. I almost ate them all! Such cute pictures!! I'm going to be 38 minutes early, but happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day! You deserve it!

Meghan said...

Thanks Jen! :) Hey, there are more cookies, so maybe I'll send them your way! Thanks for the eggs, I still need to get to the store!