Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Blessing Day

The blessing was really nice! Ryan did a great job. Maddi got up and bore her testimony for the first time without any help at all and brought tears to my eyes. She's such a sweet little 6 year old. Mical had some good food prepared along with some yummy desserts and the kids played like crazy. (Kanyon fell asleep at 6:30pm after no nap and was out for the night!)

Here are a few pics of the day...

So happy to report that Kanyon and his cousin Callie played so great together this time!! A far cry from when we were down there in January. ;) In fact, after Kanyon caught up on sleep from this busy day, the first words out of his mouth while still in a sleepy state the next morning were, "Play at Callie's house..." Awwww.

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