Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Conversation with Kanyon

This is the most recent tonight...

Kanyon: Mama, wench toast... mama. Wench toast!
Me: You want some french toast? Okay.
Kanyon: Nuggets! Mama, mmm nuggets!
Me: You want chicken nuggets now? Alright...
Kanyon: Hot gog! Hot gog, mama!!
Me: *laughing* What do you really want? You can only have one...
Kanyon: ... two?

Yes, my child is a robot programmed to count. ;)
Oh, in case you were wondering... nuggets it was!


Mical said...

Thant is too funny! I love your new header! So cute!!! Oh and bty, when do you have time to bake pies?!?!? It looks way yummy!

Meghan said...

Ha! That's just it... I really don't have the time to bake. :D There were a million other things I SHOULD have been doing. Oh well. It's seriously been like 4 years since I baked a pie!