Saturday, August 11, 2007

My funny little boy

Kanyon has recently discovered the "magic" healing of the bandaid. Or in his words... "bed-ned". He was rubbing his eyes yesterday morning and said they hurt (I'm assuming they were itchy from allergies or something). So he decided he needed a bandaid on his eye. Steve and I didn't think he would enjoy one on his eye, but even with it not actually on his eye, the magic healing still took place and there were no complaints the rest of the day. In fact, his other eye eventually needed one too.

You inevitably have someone see your child and ask, "oh no! What happened? Did he get a boo-boo?" To which you just reply, "no... you know kids and their bandaids!" :)


Mical Henderson said...

I am wondering when this ends... Maddi and Caden are still that way with bandaids.

Lillian said...

I love the little fettishes our kids get. They get so excited about the most random things. But, hey, if all it takes is a few band aids to keep them entertained, then so be it, right?