Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to the Pool

It's been a while, at least a few weeks, since I've taken the kids to swim. This morning we went to Jen's brother-in-laws house for a dip. Since it's a regular pool and pretty deep for the little ones, Kanyon had to wear his life jacket. That was one of the many things that he wasn't too fond of today. I think the fact that he was tired and almost fell asleep on the way over didn't help his mood, but we tried to make the best of it. Even if he had to drag his blanket with us. :P

Paityn and Jen's little sis in the hot tub. Paityn was being daring and dunking her face in the water. She's becoming quite the little fish!

And, yes, I caught Jen mid-sentence... I would have warned her, but I needed to catch how Scarlett was SO interested in her! It was funny, she wouldn't stop staring. Hmm, also notice the lack of hair my little girl seems to have. I guess the pig tails I'm just dying to put in her hair are a little ways off, eh? ;)


Jen Bird said...

oh my picture!!! I look like a big fat better take a better one soon to replace that one. Ha ha!

Babata said...

First of all it's impossible for Jen to look like a whale! Second of all, welcome to the hairless baby girl club!!! :) (oh yeah, and the naked toddler club! ha!)

Meghan said...

Jen, you are too funny... you couldn't look like a whale even if you tried... :P You don't even look pregnant in that picture!

Babata - Haha... yeah, I still laugh when I think about Maya playing the piano naked at Christmas time. ;)