Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shipp Family Reunion

Yesterday was the reunion for my Dad's side of the family. We headed down to Joseph, UT and gathered at the old Parker house. I remember that house from childhood being extremely scary and I hated sleeping there. I walked in yesterday and it didn't seem nearly as huge and scary as before. I guess that's what 15-20 years does for you. ;)

A little historical tidbit - This house is a historical landmark in Utah and has a plaque saying so next to the front door. It was finished in 1911 so it's coming up on 100 years old.

My sister and her family were there and it was fun to hang out... although way to hot for my liking... and Mical's... poor thing is 33+ weeks pregnant. The house doesn't have A/C either, so there was no relief inside.

My mom and sister, Mical.

Kanyon and his cousin, Callie. We tried to get them to be cute together... they weren't so interested.

My mom and Scarlett.

Steve, ready to leave! ;)

I say that I just hung out, but that's not quite true since I was the "photographer" for the event. Yeah, I have decided that I don't have the nerves of steel to do that job. It's tough and there is a lot of pressure. Posed family portraits are NOT my style either... so that sucks. I prefer more candid, natural pictures. Oh well, it's done and it turned out okay.


The Carrie Collection said...

That house is amazing! Probably because I didn't have to bear the heat, but the pics are cool. Hey, Amy and Bradley are coming for a visit and we are going to 7 Peaks on Monday the 23rd and you, Kanyon and Scarlett are invited. I don't know if Scarlett is old enough (because I don't know anything about babies, except they cry) but we would love it if you guys came. Lindsay and Allie are going to try and make it also. I promise you don't have to be the camera man. Let me know if you have plans. Oh, I can also get discounted passes at work. Have a great day!

Meri Simpson said...

Steve looks like Nate when we go to my family gatherings, ha ha ha. Gotta love them! You are a GREAT photographer. Lucky kids.

Jared & Heidi said...

I think the house is scary too. We lived there for a little while!