Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poor ME!

Okay, so it's really not THAT bad, but it's not fun either. We are finishing our basement and I couldn't be happier that we are! I really can't wait to see how it'll all turns out. However, reality just hit me today (only Day 2 into the 6 week process) that this might be the longest 6 weeks of my life. A wall was knocked down today... the only thing that was even remotely muffling the noise of the compressor and banging and sawing and.... well, you get the idea. Naptime is a treat.

So... I will be trying to spend as little time as possible at home... not that I think that will actually happen, but I'll try. Oh, and you can help! Invite me over!! ;) Just kidding. Well, maybe only a little.

Here are some pictures to show you what I'm dealing with exactly... and I swear, it took all I could not to drag out the vacuum this afternoon. hehe Steve laughed at me, but I'm so itching to do it. :D In one of the pictures, you can see where the wall used to be (where Steve is standing at the edge of the carpet).

Guess I won't be working out anytime soon in my house... You can see the equipment is all shoved together in the middle of the once make-shift weight room. I had better hit the pavement with my running shoes... it's summer, so I really have no excuse.

P.S. Happy Pioneer Day to those here in Utah... we didn't do anything special really. We just went shopping at the outlets in Park City. We have fireworks leftover from the 4th that we could have set off, but you all know how much Kanyon loved those. So, we opted not to go there again. ;)


Mical Henderson said...

I know all about living in construction, but at least it's not your kitchen and living space...you just have to endure the noise. Sorry I haven't called back...really my only patheltic excuse is that for every possible moment that I have had the last week, my nose has been in the harry potter book. I finally finished last night, so, maybe this evening :)

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

This is my official invite for you to come over to my house! Okay? Kanyon and Solee coud swim in our fountain? We can fill the inflatable pool with warm water? It would be a great time! ANYTIME, please. We would love to have you!