Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Party

Yesterday we had Kanyon's party and it was lots of fun! We had pizza and some cupcakes, train cake, and ice cream. I made the cake (and cupcakes too!) once again this year and although it was a lot of work, it was fun to see Kanyon point at it as recognize it as a "choo choo train". :)

Maya (Kanyon's cousin)

My friend, Shandi, and her darling little boy, Hudson. You can see where he get's his beautiful blue eyes!!! ;)

Grandma Sonnenberg with my little sleeping Scarlett. You can also see the video in the background that I made for Kanyon. Just pictures put to music. Hopefully I can make that a tradition and do it every year for him and Scarlett.

Yummy, Yummy cupcakes!

Not too many games to play that 2 year olds will get, but the pinata was fun. Steve ended up helping break it open though.

Paityn with her bag of candy from the pinata!

Here are the cute kiddos sitting on the chair together. Two blue-eyed, blonde haired boys surrounded by cutie brown-eyed, brown haired girls!! Aren't they lucky. :)

Funny story: We started opening presents... Kanyon got one open and was starting on the next one when he began to rub his eyes. I just commented, to no one in particular, that he must be getting tired (it was almost 1pm and he ususally naps around 11:30am). Well, it didn't take more than that comment for Kanyon to stand up, calmly walk down the hall, and climb into bed without saying a word to anyone. We all just sat there looking at each other... Steve went in to see what he was up to and saw him laying in bed. He was quickly fast asleep! I guess Kanyon was the party pooper at his own party! ;) We just had to open presents later after everyone had left and he had woken up from his much needed nap... :D
This picture was about all we got for the present opening.

Until next year... :D


Babata said...

Hey Meghan,
The birthday party was SOOO much fun! And, your cake was amazing. Ken and I keep talking about it...we were pretty impressed. Thanks for a fun day.

Lindsey Lee said...

Im so sorry Owen couldn't make it. It was my nephews birthday too and such a busy day. Im looked like such a fun little party! Kanyon sure is a sweetie. Your cake is darling (like i would are so crafty!)

Jen Bird said...

That was honestly such a fun party!! Paityn loved it!! We carried the goody bag around with her all day long until there was nothing left in it to eat. Happy Birthday Kanyon!!

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

WOW! What a cake! You need to teach me how to do all the neat crafty things you do. I swear I am useless. I am so BUMMED we missed out on the pary! Solee feels pretty good today so we should get together this week and play! Thanks for inviting us to the party, Solee was there in heart! ha ha. Kanyon is a peach by the way. Peach is a good thing. I wish Solee went to take naps all by herself, that is too funny.

Mical Henderson said...

Well look at you! See, you didn't need my help this year at all! That cake turned out so good!!! You better have posted that online somewhere! That is great!

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday Kanyon! I bet you are wondering how in the world he suddenly became two. They just grow so fast. Your cake is so dang cute. Where did you get the idea for that? Jackson loves choo choos so I may have to make one when he turns two!

The Carrie Collection said...

Hey, I did that last year too. Turning 25 was exhausting and I just needed a nap. It's cool Kanyon. 2 must also be exhausting.

Jared & Heidi said...

How funny..Kanyon is such a good little boy. That's an AWESOME cake Meghan! I'm totally impressed.