Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Veterans Pool

Today Kanyon, Scarlett, and I took the plunge and went to the pool. I've been a little leary of going alone with the 2 kids since Scarlett can't really be in the sun much and I wasn't sure how Kanyon would be - if he would run away or stick close by. It turned out okay since we met Jen and Paityn there along with Jen's friend Nancy and her little boy. Jen was nice enough to keep an eye on Kanyon when I had to be back in the shade with Scarlett. Kanyon loved it! I did get a chance to take him on one of the waterslides and although he seemed a littled concerned when we went so fast, he had a smile on his face at the end! I can see many more days at the pool this summer.

I didn't bring my camera this time... I know, it's shocking... but I did manage to snap a few pictures of Scarlett sporting her little swimsuit for the first time when we got home.


The Hanchett's said...

fun! We love the pool. If you ever go again- give us a call- we swim or go to a poll about 4 days a week. my kids can't get enough. Is veterans pool the one in Pleasant grove? this is one pool we haven't hit yet- but if it is a good one- we will try it out. we really like the orem scera pool too.

Jen said...

I can not believe I have not seen you guys! She is already 2 months old I I feel like a horrible friend! My office had to be moved around so I haven't had a computer and I am dying at all of these posts! She totally looks like Kanyon! I will call you soon!

The Carrie Collection said...

Darling! Scarlett is so cute Meghan. I was showing your blog off at work because of all the good pictures and everyone loved them. My friend Melanie wants to know what kind of camera you have.