Monday, June 4, 2007

Playing Together

Kanyon is starting to want Scarlett to play. He is a little rough when he pulls her arms and legs to do what he wants, but she is pretty tolerant for a while.

After she's had enough though, she lets us know it!

Kanyon also enjoyed my hat I was wearing today. He say's "hat" and then takes it off of me and tries it on himself. Why is it that he wants to wear my hat, but not the cute little hat that I bought for him a couple months ago??? I guess whatever Mom has is always better!

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Jen Bird said...

They are going to be such good buddies!! The pictures of Scarlett in her blessing dress is so precious!! That was a really nice blessing. Paityn is feeling 100% better today so maybe we'll have to go to the park tomorrow. It's nice when it's an overcast.