Saturday, June 16, 2007

Boating on Utah Lake

Yes, the water does look a little like pea soup, but at least it's not freezing! :) We're waiting on Deer Creek Reservoir for that very reason.

We took the new boat out and Steve's dad's boat and had a great time with friends and family. Too bad I didn't get my camera out sooner or I would have some pictures of everyone we went with. Ken's family was there and Jim's family along with his sister and her friend. It was quite a crowd and 6 kids under the age of 3. It makes for a different boating experience!

We had a great time and once again Scarlett slept through most of it. She always seems to wake up when the party is over. Kanyon just couldn't stop talking about the boat and was really good to keep his life jacket on. He also called the tubes "boppys". I laughed over that! Probably something only nursing mom's will get! ;) I have to admit, he's pretty observant because they do resemble a boppy! Google it if you don't know what those are.


The Carrie Collection said...

Yeah, I'd stick with Utah lake for a while 'cause Deer Creek nearly killed me! I went wakeboarding last week and could barely handle the cold water. I hope it warms up for my 1/4 mile swim in two weeks! Haha. I doubt it. Maybe it'll motivate me to swim faster. Call me if you need a professional flagger out there :) I'm kind of a big deal... in the flagging world.

Mical Henderson said...

Just to let you know, I finally got a couple new posts up...I knew you would be wondering about my slacking lately. The boating trip looked like fun...however, I am glad you mentioned the pea soup water. That was the first thing I noticed...and it looked a bit scary! I think you will have much better luch with Lake Powell. :D