Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday BBQ at the park

Sunday night we spend a perfect evening BBQing at the park with my friend, Jen, her family, and her sister Erin and her fiance. The kids played and had a great time. Kanyon was hanging out by the bowl of grapes for most the night and I'm pretty sure he almost ate the whole thing himself. He is our little "fruit bat".

No one would claim to know what they were doing over the grill, so it took many to cook a couple of great filets wrapped in bacon and teriaki chicken skewers. (Jen's picks, and great ones too!)

Jen's hubby, Devin, roasting some marshmallows for some great smores at the end of the evening. Yum!

Kanyon just doing his own thing...

Jen and I... she's 10 weeks pregnant and not looking it for one second! And don't look close... I'm still trying to lose 10 lbs. ;) I'm sure that sweet smore in my hand isn't helping!!

There is the greatest picture of Jen's little girl, Paityn, with a marshmallow stuck to her pants... but I'll let her post that one on her blog. Check it out here. This means she has to get the pictures I sent her up quick!

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