Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was on the only day that we managed to get out on... and that was only a quick dinner at IHOP (I know, sad!) and a little drive into the canyon. So, the only time I snapped any pictures was then. Here are a couple of my favs.

Kanyon discovered rocks and the joys of throwing them... thanks to dear ol' dad! How quickly we can see what little sponges kids are.

One of Scarlett in all her "6 week old baby acne" glory. ;) She's worse than a teenager!

Hubby, looking mighty handsome. ;)

And this last one makes me laugh... It appears as if Steve is "taking care of business" out in the trees. He was actually taking Kanyon down to see the creek... ha! Steve mentioned that I shouldn't "do anything with this picture"... I hope he didn't mean the blog. :)

Steve 's brother, Ken, did come over on Saturday and they worked on the boat and getting the wakeboard tower on it. I, however, don't remember much about that day (except for wishing I felt well enough to walk out and take some pictures of Kanyon and his cousin, Maya, in the boat having a ball). I was couch-ridden after another trip to instacare... blood drawn... and a nice little shot in the toosh. Fabulous. I'm feeling MUCH better now. ;)


Mical Henderson said...

I can't believe how much Scarlett has changed already!! She looks just like Kanyon! So, Suburban is still parked. So sadly, we will not be able to attend Scarlett's blessing. I feel really bad. I even looked into flights yesterday, thinking maybe I would just fly up myself, and they are a bit more than I am willing to pay...so take lots of pics for us!!

The Carrie Collection said...

Of course I want to go to Scarlett's blessing. Trust me... my singles ward doesn't offer anything exciting except for my quick escape after sacrament. The 2nd counselor keeps his eye on me throughout the whole meeting and tries to catch me before I can sneak out to try and convince me to stay for Sunday School. I stay whenever he manages to snag me, so that's where the excitement comes in :) I'll for sure be there. See you then!