Thursday, April 5, 2007

A much needed haircut

Well, I'm still here and Scarlett is apparently pretty comfy. So, I decided before Kanyon doesn't have a mother for a bit, I would help him not to look too much like an orphan. So, I cut his hair this afternoon. He's a pretty good sport about it and I'm pretty happy with the end result. I cut A LOT off... if you look at the last post of him blowing bubbles, it's pretty long and unruly. I promise I even combed it that day. And you know Steve isn't going to even bother! ;) I think the last picture Kanyon is showing some slight irritation with the camera.


Steve said...

wow. You cut is hair and I wasn't around!! Nice job, looks much better too.

Jen Bird said...

I LOVE the new doo!! You must have done it after I saw you this morning. You did such a good job!! I'm going to send my future sons over to your place for a haircut. :-)