Wednesday, April 25, 2007

12 days old

Scarlett was enjoying some tummy time the other night. She looked so comfy. Too bad she can't sleep that way at night! Maybe I wouldn't be so tired. :)

Daddy and Scarlett... He's so sweet with her and it's cute to hear him interact with her in such a different way than Kanyon.


embee said...

my little one was born on thursday, the 19th, and since he was my first, i didn't know any little tricks to get him to sleep - he just wouldn't sleep on his back! i've finally succumbed to putting him to sleep on his side (sort of) with the sleep positioner. its given me a bit of sleep and not so many worries about his belly!! i hate that worried feeling!

p.s. your little girl is just adorable.

Cardwell said...

I love your pictures! Scarlett is so skinny, teeny, and beautiful! I think that you should be a photographer. I was even telling Ashish that I would want you to take our family pictures if you didn't just barely have a baby and were so busy and tired. :) I hope that you are getting some sleep. Caden slept a whopping 10 1/2 hours that other night! We couldn't believe it! Of course, he went back to his 4 hour schedule the next night, but it was a preview of what lies ahead. Just remember that it's not too far off for you either. ;) I hope we can get together when you are ready to take Scarlett out!