Monday, November 20, 2006

It's a Girl!

Wow! Were Steve and I ever surprised to be told a girl by both the tech and the doctor... We couldn't be happier and are excited for all the things that come along with a girl. As you can see from the second ultrasound picture, she was not shy at all and gave us a spread eagle view! Kanyon is a proud big brother... well, as proud as he can get! He's still not sure what's going on. I'm sure he'll be a great big brother to his little sister. Her name will be soon to come... Steve and I are narrowing it down right now. Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

hi, i saw your blog on babycenter and i have to be honest...i've been reading for a while. :)

congrats on your good news! we just found out a week ago that we are having a boy!!