Monday, August 28, 2006

We're Finally Home...

Wow, we finally returned from what was supposed to be a 5 day trip and ended up being a 9 day trip! We had a great time and I'll post some pictures later of all the fun we had...

All the fun we had that is up until the night before we were to leave. Kanyon wouldn't sleep and just cried all night. He had a runny nose and cough the past couple of days, but nothing major. Finally at about 3am, after no sleep whatsoever, we took him to the ER because I noticed that his breathing was kind of labored. Sure enough, they took blood and did a chest x-ray and he had bacterial pneumonia. He was imeadiately hooked up to an IV (so sad!). In order for him not to pull it out, they had to make kind of a splint type wrap on his arm so he couldn't bend it. He was also given steriods, antibiotics, and just fluid in general because he was extremely dehydrated. They still didn't like what they were hearing and Kanyon was admitted to the hospital for observation at about 7am Tuesday morning. We were there all day long and it was tough for a little guy to be stuck there in the hospital with no toys and without the ability to move around like he wanted to. He was in good spirits despite the situation and we snapped a few pictures of him when he was happy. We left the hospital late Tuesday night because we felt he would sleep better at home and be more comfortable there. They wouldn't let us fly for a few days because the change in altitude with Kanyon's lungs being weak could have caused an emergency landing if something were to happen, so in order not to risk that we stayed in Illinois until Saturday night.

Kanyon is doing much better... he finished the round of steriod medication on Sunday and is taking antibiotics and breathing treatments with an inhaler two times a day. Other than all that medicine, he is really back to his happy self and walking all over the place. We couldn't be more relieved that he recovered so quickly!
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